Wilmer Rossi was a man working for Sal Maroni, a mob boss in Gotham City. After Harvey Dent was elected as District Attorney, Rossi attempted to assassinate the new DA: he submitted a statement to the police naming Maroni as the man in charge of organised crime in Gotham, and agreed to testify in court against Maroni. When the court date came, Rossi gained access to Dent, and he changed his statement and claimed he was the one who took over the business after the demise of Carmine Falcone. Rossi then drew a pistol to shoot Dent, but the gun jammed and he was disabled by the lawyer. Dent advised Maroni and Rossi to buy American next time they wanted to kill a public servant, and Rossi was taken away. Dent claimed he hadn't finished with his witness, to the amazement of the court.

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