Michael Caine, with 6 movies, is one of Nolan most notable recurring collaborators.

The following is a list of performers who had multiple different roles in Christopher Nolan's films.

Performers Edit

Christian Bale

Mark Boone Junior

Michael Caine

Marion Cotillard

William Devane

Russ Fega

James Fierro

Joe Fishel

Morgan Freeman

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

David Gyasi

Rebecca Hall

Tom Hardy

Anne Hathaway

Larry Holden

Hugh Jackman

Nicky Katt

Luke Kearney

Michael Kuster

Patrick Leahy

Thomas Lennon

Cillian Murphy

John Nolan

Miranda Nolan

Andrew Pleavin

Buster Reeves

Simon Rhee

Lucy Russell

Josh Stewart

Jeremy Theobald

Ken Watanabe

Jim Wilkey


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