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Jean-Michel Dagory is a French actor who appeared as a bridge sub con in the film Inception. He was only partly glimpsed in the finished film, over the shoulder as Cobb and Ariadne are attacked by other sub cons.

Selected filmography Edit

  • Chicken with Plums (2011)
  • L'art d'aimer (2011)
  • Inception (2010)
  • Simon Sez (1999)
  • Le pari (1997)
  • Face the Music (1993)
  • Clowning Around (1992)
  • Road to Ruin (1991)
  • The Man Inside (1990)

Television appearances Edit

  • Plus belle la vie (2011)
  • Le tuteur (2008)
  • Commissariat Bastille (2002)
  • Pour être libre (1997)
  • Les liens du coeur (1996)
  • Clowning Around 2 (1993)
  • Haute Tension (1992)
  • Death in the Seine (1991)
  • Néo Polar (1989)
  • Les cinq dernières minutes (1988-1996)

External links Edit

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